Drone Delivery Service

One of the most popular applications for LTE connected drones is in retail goods delivery, which has been made public by Amazon in a big way.

The service Amazon is planning to introduce, called PrimeAir is still in the planning stages, but those in the know say it is just a matter of time until Amazon delivery drones take flight for real, despite FAA regulatory hurdles. Drone flights will be automated whereby the trajectory would be pre-programmed and it is most likely that LTE will be used to connect the drone to the wide area network and to the retailer’s operations center for close monitoring of the drone’s path to ensure safe and secure delivery of goods.

Sequans’ Monarch LTE platform is an ideal solution to connect drones to the wide area network. It provides low cost, secure, and energy-efficient LTE Cat-M connectivity, as necessary to monitor and report drone flight parameters, activity and position, as well as to send commands as needed for possible emergency landings or return to home. Monarch is optimized for power and size and would not significantly increase the weight of the drone platform nor decrease the overall flight duration.

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